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agent_in_heels's Journal

Agent Margaret Peggy Carter
7 May
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(don't you dare be late)

Agent Peggy Carter.
Daughter of the wealthy Harrison and Amanda Carter.
Dedicated to ending Nazi oppression and therefore joined the French Resistance.
Fell in love with Steve Rogers.
Never did get to teach him how to dance.

1940's Verse: Exactly what you see in the film. Takes place during WWII.

Future!Verse: Howard Stark has figured out a way to play with time. By doing so, he was able to send Peggy to the modern era where she is determined to find Steve Rogers again.

Disclaimer: This journal is in no way affiliated with Hayley Atwell, Captain America, or any Marvel creations. This journal is a compilation of the Peggy Carter we see in the original Marvel comic books as well as the Peggy Carter seen in the 2011 motion picture. Stan Lee owns everything that is awesome. I own a computer and am merely trying to pass the time. Mun and muse over the age of twenty-one.